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2003 State Shoot Information

This is the 54th Anniversary of shooting at the NTA State Grounds in Doniphan, Nebraska.  Doniphan is located three miles South of I-80, between Grand Island and Hastings.  The shooting facility is at the North edge of Doniphan.

The annual meeting and tournament of The Nebraska Trapshooting Association is in its 125th year. The association has been in existence for 127 years.

A presquadding form is included with your program.  If you need a program or form, please contact the NTA Secretary at 402-826-3069, email: or write to 740 East 2nd, Crete, NE 68333.  The presquadding fee is $10.00 per shooter. NOTE: A $10.00 fee will be charged per shooter if you change your squad AFTER you have entered the event.  No fee will be assessed for squadding changes made by shoot management.

Rules: ATA will govern this tournament and will be strictly enforced.  All targets are registered. Nebraska shooters must possess a 2003 annual NTA membership or be a life member.

FEES: Daily ATA fee of $2.00. Also the following fees will be assessed on each 100 targets: Grounds' Improvement & Maintenance, 50 cents; Shooters' Service, $1.50; Voice Pull, $1.00; Sales Tax, $1.50.

Penalty Classification: See bottom of Program. Averages must be calculated on card prior to registration or shooter will shoot penalty Class A or higher. Senior Veterans will not be required to shoot penalty yardage.

Shooter Classification:
          16 Yard Events                                       Doubles Events
Class AA           97% and over                                93% and up
Class A              94% and under 97%                      89% and under 93%
Class B              91% and under 94%                      85% and under 89%
Class C              88% and under 91%                      78% and under 85%
Class D              under 88%                                     under 78%