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NTA Hall of Fame


Bueford Bailey     Jim Beck     Tom Buxman     Floyd Daily     Dayton Dorn

W.F. Harder     Frank Hoppe     Marion Ingold     Norton Irvine

Gil Johnson     Wm. E. Johnson     Bud June     Wayne Kennedy     Ralph Kohler

Larry Lacina     Brad Lech     Richard Marshall, Jr.     James McCole

Edwin Morehead     B.E. Morrissey     William Nelson     Albert Olson     Brian Prichard

Cal Waggoner     Cal Roberts     John Storm     Jon Weaver

Jack Worley


Mrs. C.E. Beeder     Blanche Bowers     Carol Estabrook     Ruth Justice     Dorothy Kohler

Marguerite Meredith     Jon Morris     Elsie Rasmussen     Doris Voss

Phyllis Jirka


(coming soon)

(Revised, January 8, 1995)

A.   Active Shooter: male or female; may be deceased.
B.   Associate Member: male or female; may be a shooter or non-shooter; may be deceased.
1.   A minimum of ten years of ATA registered trapshooting in the State of Nebraska.
2.   At least 25,000 registered ATA singles targets.
3.   Major items for determination of qualification for the Hall of Fame:
a.   One State Championship from among the Nebraska State Singles, Handicap, Doubles, High-All-Around, or High-Over-All.
b.   Major ATA wins (including Grand American, Satellite Grand, ATA Zone, etc.)
c.   Member of the ATA All America Team.
d.   Ten or more years as a member of a Nebraska All State Team, including the top ten shooters and subcategories.
e.   Significant accomplishments in international trapshooting.
1.   A minimum of ten years of ATA registered trapshooting in the State of Nebraska.
2.   At least 25,000 registered ATA singles targets.
3.   Ten years of work supporting shooting in the State, such as: serving as an NTA Officer, ATA Delegate, Gun Club Owner, Operator, Worker, etc., or through extensive involvement in special programs that can include activities such as youth training, league management, etc.
   The sport of trapshooting in Nebraska encompasses great individuality and diversity. The Board of Directors, therefore, may modify the letter, but not the spirit of the above criteria to accommodate special circumstances. Major wins outside the State of Nebraska are important and should be given some consideration. They should not, however, be used to meet the minimum requirements for membership. The name is The Nebraska Trapshooting Hall of Fame and the requirements should be met in Nebraska!! Target and performance requirements may be relaxed in cases of death, incapacitation, disability or other circumstances.
   A Hall of Fame Committee will be appointed each second year by the NTA President from among the life members of the Association. The Committee will present to the Board of Directors, at its annual meeting, no more than six names to be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame. From these six names, a maximum of three may be inducted at a Hall of Fame Banquet which is held in conjunction with the Annual State Shoot. There is no limit to the number of Associate members who may be inducted each year.

   Nameplates and pictures of the Inductees will be placed in the Hall of Fame trophy case on the NTA State Grounds. Inductees will receive certificates of recognition and sweater or jacket emblems. The Hall of Fame Committee will be responsible for keeping the records of the Hall of Fame and the trophy case display current and presentable.