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Central Zone

2006 Central Zone Shoot Dates

23-Apr Holdrege GC and Crooked Creek GC
30-Apr Central NE GC and Cozad GC
4, 5 & 6 May National Cornhusker HIGH SCHOOL Shoot, Doniphan
21-May Crooked Creek GC and Holdrege GC
28-May Cozad GC
10& 11-Jun CENTRAL ZONE, NTA Homegrounds, Doniphan
18-Jun Holdrege GC
21-25 Jun 128th Annual Nebraska STATE SHOOT, Doniphan
08&09-Jul Crooked Creek GC
15&16-Jul Holdrege GC
23-Jul Central NE GC
30-Jul Cozad GC
05 & 06-Aug NTA HONORS Shoot, Doniphan
20-Aug Holdrege GC
03 & 04-Sep Cozad GC
10-Sep Crooked Creek GC
17-Sep Holdrege GC
01-Oct Central NE GC, Doniphan
15-Oct Cozad GC
10-Dec Crooked Creek GC